The front-end visualizer (of Prospect) allows you to select which features of the data set are shown and how they are represented. This in turn allows you to create visual interpretations of the data that highlight certain types of characteristics and/or relationships between items.

These views and representations can also be invoked via the Perspectives on the links below:

  • The Text Compilations Perspective displays a network graph connecting the author / scribe / editor of a textual corpus and all of the constituent elements of that corpus.
  • The Structural Borrowing Perspective displays the relationships between texts that borrowed literary structures from one another. Texts from 17th century or earlier – well before Macpherson’s era – are highlighted.
  • The Influences of the Book of the Dean of Lismore Perspective displays the connections between this 16th-century and the texts of Macpherson’s Ossian.
  • The Influences of Rev. James Lagan displays the connections between the transcriptions made by this 18th-century minister (and chaplain) and the texts of Macpherson’s Ossian.